Hello! My name is George - the co-founder of Hoké Poké, and I thought that I would lift the curtain a little to show you what brought my partner Katie and I to create Hoké Poké!

 Since childhood, I have always loved food. Be it seafood, meat or veggies, I was there. At restaurants, I was amazed by bartenders’ skills, by how friendly the waiting on team were, and the whole theatre of a venue. No wonder I chose to work in a restaurant as my first job at 15! Here I had the pleasure of working with some truly inspiring chefs, who further ignited my love affair with food. And as every ex-server will tell you, the little scraps they could sneak me were a godsend on a busy Saturday night!


From London to Edinburgh to Paris, I continued to work in a diverse array of restaurants and bars. Each had their own influence, and my plan was always to try the whole menu. How else was I supposed to sell it?


My travels have taken me around Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Immersing myself in their cultures, I discovered more and more exciting ways to experience food and drink. I fell in love with the idea of Poke bowls while living and working in London - so many different flavours, colours and textures! This was it for me. I wanted to create the towns first Poke bowl delivery service.


It was at the point I met my wonderful partner Katie. She is the mind behind all of our fantastic imagery and media, and without whom this would all still be a pipedream. During the first lockdown we talked about the idea, and it quickly developed into Hoké Poké!


Between us we played around with different colours, textures and flavours. Over the year since lockdown 1, our ideas became a reality. In spite of the obvious hinderances that the pandemic could have thrown at us, it gave us a wonderful opportunity to build.


Recently both Katie and myself have moved to a plant-based diet, and decided that Hoké Poké would as well. This is why the whole menu is 100% plant-based and gluten free.  Through this step, I have also been motivated to offer unique dishes found nowhere else in Shrewsbury. A personal favourite is the “Ipu Huluhulu", a shoyu-tahini roasted watermelon bowl, with a true poké texture!


We have donated 10% of our profits to Shropshire Mind from day 1. This charity is so close to home, and we are looking forward to supporting them throughout our journey. Alongside our donations to help those with mental health issues, we tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, and use Vegware containers, that are compostable! It’s a small step, but one we hope helps.


Our fantastic delivery service is Shrewsbury Eats, without whom we could not be running! We are currently sending our food out exclusively with them and could not be happier.


Thank you for reading about us and have a Hoké Poké day!


Our Values

10% of profits are donated to Shropshire Mind

Part of our values and ethos has and always will be working with the local community. From the start I wanted to donate to Shropshire Mind, a charity very close to my heart. They have been supporting people with mental health issues in Shropshire since 1974, and I want that service to continue for all those who need it.


Supporting Our Planet

Being environmentally friendly is also a foundation of Hoké Poké. This is why we use Vegware containers that are commercially compostable. In a world that is forever getting worse due to climate change, we are doing our best to improve it.


Supporting Local Business

 I will be using local suppliers for my entire menu. Supporting local is not just a phrase to me, but a closely held belief. Without the support given to local businesses, the character of our town would not be what it is today. I will always do what I can to build up my neighbourhood and community, as this is where I hang my hat.

Thanks for taking to time to read the Hoké Poké story

and I hope you have a Hoké Poké day!