All allergens are in BOLD YELLOW FONT

Classic Bowl Base 

(368 Cal + Core Element Cal) 

(base +1 core element)  – Mirin-infused rice, edamame beans (SOYA), home pickled carrots, pineapple, cucumber, red cabbage, samphire, radish.

Garnish - sushi ginger, spring onion, chilli disks, sesame seeds (SESAME)

Core Elements 

      Pineapple & chilli prawnZ (SPICY) (SOYA, WHEAT)

      Ginger & garlic Tofu (109 Cal) (SOYA)

      Shoyu Sticky Glazed Aubergine (88 Cal) (SOYA)

      Smokey Teriyaki Jackfruit (SESAME, SOYA

      Toasted Sesame Shiitaki Mushroom (70 Cal) (SESAME, SOYA)


Sriracha Sauce

Green Chilli Sriracha 

Sriracha Mayo -  (SOYA, MUSTARD)

Hoké Poké Sauce - (SOYA)

Hoké Poké Hot Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Avocado Mayo

Combo Bowls 

Same base of rice and vegetables as classic bowls :

No Reef No Beef – Pineapple & chilli PrawnZ + Toasted Sesame Shiitake Mushrooms (SOYA, SESAME, WHEAT)

      Tofu Jack – Ginger & garlic Tofu + Smokey Teriyaki Jackfruit (SESAME, SOYA

           I'll Shoyu A Fungi –- Toasted Shiitaki Mushrooms + Glazed Aubergine (SESAME, SOYA)

Special Bowls  

Ipu Huluhulu -

Shoyu-tahini roasted watermelon (ipu) (SESAME, SOYA), coconut black rice(COCONUT),

avocado salsa, Hoké Poké slaw, mango, charred corn, cucumber, edamame beans (SOYA), radish, avocado mayo. Garnished with pickled ginger & sesame seeds (SESAME).

Green Hurricane -

Agave-soy glazed Zalmon (SESAME, SOYA), hurricane rice, Hoké Poké avocado salsa, samphire, edamame beans (SOYA), kiwi, wakame, cucumber, avocado mayo.

 Garnished with toasted hazelnuts (NUT).

Spicy Phoenix (SPICY) -

Phoenix smoked tofu (SESAME, SOYA), fire cracker rice (SESAME, SOYA), homemade chilli mango salsa, home pickled carrots, homemade spicy corn relish, fresh pineapple, red cabbage, radish, toasted hazelnuts (NUT), Toasted Sesame seeds (SESAME), Hoké Poké hot chilli sauce.

Forbidden -

Toasted sesame coconut tofu (SESAME, SOYA, COCONUT), coconut black rice (COCONUT), Hoké Poké slaw (SESAME), mango, charred corn, Hoké Poké avocado salsa, wakame, radish,

edamame beans (SOYA), coconut shavings (COCONUT), Hoké Poké sauce (SOYA).

Sides -

      Toasted Shiitake Mushroom Skewers - Toasted Shiitake Mushroom, Hoké Poké slaw


Hoké Poké Slaw 

Chilli Mango Salsa -  (SPICY)

Spicy Corn Relish -(SPICY)


Sweet Things -

Classic Mochi - Coconut (COCONUT)

Lime Matcha Mochi - Coconut (COCONUT)

Mocha Mochi - Coconut (COCONUT)

Choco Chilli Mochi - Coconut (COCONUT)

Midnight Mochi - Coconut (COCONUT)